Funky Monkey Club music class (1-5y/o) in English is for you who:
  • appreciates the freedom of the music class – you can participate according to your own schedule without time or location restrictions
  • wants to bring excitement, inspiration and joy of self expression to your home – Your child will dive into dancing, singing and playing 
  • wants to support the development of the child's self confidence and self-efficacy 
  • wants stimulating activities and tinkering with the child via arts and crafts assignments
  • wants to take part in the child's joy of singing and playing – experience the joy of self expression with singing, clapping, playing and performing.

Funky Monkey Club Online Music Class IN ENGLISH 

Bring catchy music, movement, singing and playing to your home week after week! 

The online music class for kids (1-5y/o) contains 12 upbeat and inspirational videos (25-30min.) that you can watch limitlessly for 100 days according to your own schedule. The course offers bonus videos, arts-and-crafts assignments and sheets that are all available for 100 days.   

Yes, we are in! 59€