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GIFT: Online Music Class in ENGLISH (1-5y/o) | Unlimited viewing for 14 weeks

With a course price of 59€ you get the following: 

  • 12 music class videos (about 25-30min) that you can watch limitlessly anywhere, anytime. 
  • Some of the songs are subtitled so it's easier for adults to sing along 
  • Bonus-videos that you can watch during the whole course
  • Instructions on how to create your own music instruments from utensils and things already at home
  • Fun coloring and arts and crafts assignments 
  • The song lyrics on a PDF file 

Follow how your child gets into the world of music and songs with enthusiasm and joy as the course moves forward. He/she will start recognizing and learning the melodies and the words almost by accident along with clapping and the joy of self expression! Leisurly time and musical play together gives the child memorable experiences. Nothing is more fun than singing and dancing to catchy Funky Monkey Club kids songs together with the whole family and around the house.